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  • MedReleaf Canada Awaiting R and D Permit to Begin Testing the Flower Initiator .
    MedReleaf describes itself as a Canadian medical cannabis Licensed Producer and distributor offering an unparalleled level of product quality and service excellence. By setting the industry standard, patients can be assured that their medical grade cannabis consistently exceeds the requirements set by Health Canada.  Medreleaf.comMedReleafs' Duane Lewis, head of R&D, has a growth chamber setup to […]
  • What are the Benefits of Grow Lights and How do They Compare?
    A brief survey of the benefits and disadvantages of several types of popular Grow Lights.We will look at HID (MH & HPS), Fluorescent, LED, Induction, and Plasma Lighting.HID Grow Lights                                 High Intensity Discharge lamps, commonly referred to as HID generally use MH […]
  • Measuring Plant Lighting
    There are a number of ways to measure indoor plant lighting levels. As such, there remains considerabledebate as to which method provides the gardener with the best information in determining if the light source isproviding the ideal wavelengths and intensities to optimize plant response. While the debate swirls it ultimatelywill always come down to our […]
  • Greenhouse Lighting - Products to Optimize for Production and Energy Savings.
    Inda-Gro has developed a range products that combine to provide the optimum Greenhouse productivity while saving energy by using energy and maintenance saving Grow Lights only when the sunlight is not sufficient for your crop's Daily Light Integral.The following PDF Files can be Downloaded to review later or to share with clients or investors for […]
  • Recent News now also functions as a Blog.
    Now you can comment on Recent News posted at Recent News is still posted near the bottom of most pages, on the right.Recent News items are also listed to the right of each article/blog posting.We hope you find this new enhancement beneficial.Start making comments now!